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‘Green’ Toys for Kids

‘Green’ Toys for Kids

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In recent years we’ve heard the media horror stories: toys recalled because they’re contaminated with toxic paints and plastics. This makes many parents feel wary about toys, and what they might be buying their kids. However, to alleviate those concerns, more socially conscious companies are popping up with new lines of green toys and environmentally safe toys to keep kids amused. This article covers some of the latest green toys to hit the UK.

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  • Solar Powered Toys: The days of batteries may soon be over as many new toys are becoming solar powered or are offered as build kits to make a solar powered car. These not only teach kids about a powerful alternative energy source, but they also save on the cost of batteries and help the environment.
  • Cardboard Toys: More toy options are being made available in recyclable cardboard from tree houses and forts to toy soldiers and dolls. These are sturdy options that can also be recycled when they have been well-used!
  • Wooden Toys: Of course, these toys are made with sustainable timber, including dollhouses, ride-on toys, building blocks and more. These are highly durable and never seem to grow tiresome with kids. Best of all, you can pass these very easily from one child to the next or donate them to a good home, child care centre, or school when your kids have outgrown them.

A simple search online will reveal a growing list of online stores in the UK dedicated to green toys and environmentally-friendly toys. Many of the toys are very reasonably priced, encouraging more parents to think about skipping their usual big toy retailers for these unique and often highly imaginative toys.

It is important to note that not every toy that says it is environmentally friendly is actually a green toy. There are some toys that simply do not use certain harmful chemicals or that use some recycled materials. However, other companies go much farther in terms of creating green toys. This means that their raw materials, packaging, and production processes all create a smaller carbon footprint through energy savings and use packaging that can all be recycled to ensure the consumer is not adding anything to landfills. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you feel good about in terms of helping the environment while providing your child with entertainment and fun.

Other Green Toy Ideas

  • Other ways to green your child’s toy collection is to focus on simple toys like those so often the staple of past generations.
  • Consider toys that can help get kids out into the fresh air like bicycles and scooters that often can be re-sold or donated when finished.
  • Create your own crafts products by using common household items you already have or discarded cardboard boxes, bottles, and empty food packaging.
  • Encourage your kids to also take as best care as they can so that toys can be cleaned and donated to those in need elsewhere in the world or to local communities where kids do not have many toys.

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