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Felted Wool Puddle Pad is Soft and Naturally Anti-Bacterial

The Turn a New Leaf Designs' natural, handmade felted wool puddle pad is the perfect thing for co-sleeping families and those practicing elimination communication (EC) with their children. Felted the old fashioned way using a hand press, this untreated and unprocessed Canadian wool is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Breathable and naturally water resistant, it's the perfect alternative to vinyl or plastic change pads. Protect your bed without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach. And it's softness is just the thing for your baby. These can be purchased at Etsy.

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Natural Wool Yarn Dog Hand Puppet

Each of these products is hand-knit by women who belong to a collective of knitters in rural Kenya. The collective is involved with the East Africa Hub, a non-profit organization comprised of socially responsible businesses that provide a link between artisans and the marketplace.

The importer of these products personally monitors for safe, dignified and healthy working conditions. Their commitment is to the welfare of artisans, to respecting and sustaining the environment and to promoting and practicing fair and open trade ethics and principles. By purchasing these handcrafted products you are helping to create income and ultimately a better life for these artisans and their families.

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Industrial Wool Felt Floor Perch

The Floor Perch remasters the art of sculpting, using digital fabrication and solid, renewable materials. Materials commonly associated with seating – upholstery, foam products and toxic finishes – are all supplanted with thick sheets of natural wool felt, adhered with non-toxic, water-based adhesives. The precision-cut contours of each piece of felt are aggregated into sinuous yet comfortable forms. The cascading edges create an integral pattern with both a visual and tactile effect.

The Floor Perch is a pouf, a coffee table, and a storage device combined in one. The soft and solid stack of high-density felt sheets catches the eye and comforts the bottom of the feet. The subtly torqued volume is intersected by angular aluminum inserts, creating voids for storage within and a hard surface on top to keep your beverage close by.

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The Floor Perch is designed as a stand-alone piece for the compact home or as a grouped system for lobby and lounge environments.



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