Teach Kids to Recycle with Trivia

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Teach kids to recycle with trivia

This guest post is by John Fisher of www.triviaquestions.net.

Kids love to learn; their brains are like sponges just waiting to soak up any information we provide. One of the best ways to teach children is to make a game of the lesson. Young children learn best if they are having fun doing it. If you want to teach your kids, be them your own or children in your classroom, how to recycle, make a game of it. Use these fun recycling facts to create a trivia game for the children in your life.

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With a recipe box, a package of colored note cards and a few rewards, you can easily create a recycling trivia game. Write a fact on each card, come up with a question for the opposite side of the card and keep them all tidy in your recipe box. When it’s time to play, simply pull out your recipe box, ask the child to choose a color, pull one out and read the question; it couldn’t be easier!

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Here are several fun recycling facts that you can use for your new trivia game:

  • Recycling is the process of collecting, sorting and processing discarded materials with the intent of creating new products.
  • The most commonly recycled materials are aluminum, glass, paper and plastic.
  • Up to one million creatures in the ocean are killed each year by discarded plastic garbage.
  • Plastic takes about 500 years to decompose.
  • Aluminum can be recycled over and over; there is no limit. Glass can also be recycled forever.
  • Recycled newspapers are used to make newsprint, tissue, insulation and paperboard.
  • Recycled office and school paper is used to make insulation, paperboard, tissue and writing paper.
  • In America, so much aluminum is thrown away every month that we could rebuild every airplane in the sky.
  • If we took all of the plastic produced in America each year, we could shrink wrap the entire state of Texas.
  • If all of the plastic bottles were removed from landfills across the nation, and laid end-to-end, they would circle the plant four times.
  • In America, we throw away enough steel, every year, to remake every new car that has been produced.
  • Making paper from recycled materials, instead of new fiber, requires 70 percent less energy.
  • Americans recycle only one out of every four plastic bottles they use, and we use about four million bottles each hour.
  • Almost every glass bottle and jar produced today is made of at least 25 percent recycled glass.
  • Making aluminum cans from recycled materials requires 95 percent less energy than making the same cans from bauxite ore.
  • By recycling just a single glass bottle, we could save enough energy to keep a 100-watt light bulb lit for four hours.
  • About ten million tons of newspaper are thrown away, instead of recycled, every year.
  • Every person in America uses two trees worth of paper products every year.
  • If people recycled as many steel cans as they threw away, it would be equal to the amount of energy needed to keep a 60-watt light bulb lit for two days.

These facts should be known by everyone, but they are especially good to use for recycling trivia games. Teaching children in a fun manner will ensure that they absorb, and retain, the majority of the information you are providing. By turning these facts into a trivia game, you will create a new generation of recycling Americans.

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