Technology Advances to “Printing” Human Veins

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Meant to be used in regenerative medicine, the Organovo NovoGen printer recently created the first “printed” human vein. The idea that this could replace other toxic and carbon-heavy medicinal practices like using artificial parts in the human body. The printer is loaded with cartridges of “bio-ink,” a substance that acts as a kind of scaffolding for the cells to retain their shape. A sophisticated computer is linked to the printer that is pre-programmed with the 3D blueprint of whatever is being made. The computer instructs the printer to lay down two dimensional layers of bio ink and cells that eventually form into the 3D body part. Scientists are looking forward to moving on to larger organs after the successful printing of a human vein. Of course, the printing of an entire heart or lung is far off, but this technology is proven viable and research will continue.

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Resource: Inhabitat

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