The Benefits of Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress

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Benefits of Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress

This is a guest post by The Organic Mattress Store

As a parent, you want to always ensure that your baby is happy, healthy and safe. You make sure they eat well, get regular examinations at the doctor’s office and much more. However, there is one aspect of your baby’s life that you may have overlooked and that is the type of mattress to buy your baby. When shopping for a crib mattress, it is not uncommon for aspects like size, comfort and price to come into play, however it is essential that the origin of the mattress be a consideration. Organic mattresses are the best route to choose for your baby.

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Babies spend much of their time sleeping, which means that they’ll be spending a lot of time in their cribs on their mattress. While they sleep, they could potentially be breathing in particles and fumes from the baby mattress. This could be potentially harmful to their health. Allergens build up rather easily in a traditional baby mattress and those allergens can wreak havoc on a baby’s allergies and respiratory system. In organic baby mattresses, however, allergens do not build up. This allows the baby to sleep comfortably without any flare-ups or irritations to the baby’s respiratory system.

PVC, phthalates, DEHP and Polyurethane foam can be found in traditional baby mattresses and may be harmful to breath in or touch. Since babies are much more sensitive and vulnerable to chemicals, it is crucial that organic materials are used for your babies crib mattress. Organic baby mattresses do not have any of those harmful chemicals or materials, allowing the baby to sleep on a toxin free mattress.

Organic mattresses prove to have the same level of comfort and water-resistance that nonorganic mattresses have. Nontoxic chemicals are substituted for those that could be harmful to your baby’s health while still upholding the level of comfort expected for your baby. One major source of chemicals in nonorganic mattresses is the use of fire retardants to combat the flammable materials that are used. With organic mattresses, the mattress is not only toxin free but fire resistant as well. Many organic mattresses have organic wool as a primary component, and are naturally fire-resistant.

If you do decide to purchase an organic mattress, make sure you are completely sure that the mattress is actually organic. Many companies like to label their products as organic when in fact they are only partially organic. When shopping for an organic mattress, look for a tag that says that the product is 100% organic and try to get information on the materials inside the mattress to ensure that no chemicals or non-organic materials are included. Taking a few minutes out of your shopping time to make sure you’re getting a pure organic mattress for your baby’s crib can keep your whole family healthy and happy.

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