The Environmental Benefits of Soft Water

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Environmental Benefits of Soft Water

This is a guest post by Heidi D Dempsey of

Soft water systems are better for your health and for Mother Earth

When you think of soft water what comes to mind—soft clothing against your skin, a fluffy towel to dry off with after your morning shower, super shiny-smooth hair with no fuzzy fly-aways?

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As a woman not blessed with locks like Jennifer Aniston, soft water is a must in my home if I want my hair to stay lustrous and easy-to-manage. However, you might be surprised to learn that water softener systems have many other benefits as well, including the following environmental benefits on your home and your appliances.

Environmental benefits associated with soft water usage…

1. If you have soft water in your home, you have eliminated the hard water minerals that cause scale and build up on your home’s plumbing system, causing it to work harder and cost you more in utility bills.

2. Studies show that soft water actually improves the life and energy use of appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and plumbing fixtures like shower heads, and sink and bath faucets.

3. Further studies show that softened water, when used with water heaters maintains 100-percent efficiency over a 15-year lifetime—compared to hard water, when used with the same water heater results in 25-percent energy loss.

4. Plus, using soft water with tankless water heaters saves home owners approximately 40- to 57-percent on home energy costs vs. using hard water to operate the same tankless system.

5. Soft water also protects shower heads and sink faucets from deteriorating—whereas the polish and finishes tend to lose luster with long-term hard water flow.

6. In Addition, shower heads and faucets lose approximately 75-percent flow rate due to scaling in a little more than one year of use—resulting in a loss of significant energy.

7. In comparison, soft water contributes to less scaling and a consistent water flow rate over the same period—which means a decreased carbon footprint, longer life for appliances, and less waste.

Health benefits associated with soft water usage…

1. The health and cosmetic dangers associated with hard water usage include build up or scaled surfaces that can contain pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms that can cause pulmonary (or heart) problems and issues for those with immune disorders.

2. On the other hand, soft water eliminates scale buildup so microorganisms can’t attach and grow on faucets and shower heads—they simply get washed down the drain during a shower or when brushing teeth.

3. An additional health benefit of soft water is clothes washed in it don’t irritate the skin as often. Soft water leaves fabrics softer—not only conserving detergent, but also leaving those with sensitive skin with less rashes and inflammation.

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