The Music Industry Goes Green

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The Music Industry Goes Green

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As the world is growing increasingly smaller, warmer and more knowledgeable, the music industry has taken note. Climate change has become a hot topic throughout the world. Everyone is scrambling to figure out what we can do to secure a future for the generations to come. Musicians, record companies and ticket sellers are truly setting the stage to reduce their carbon foot print.

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Between gas guzzling tour buses and the distribution of tickets, the entire music scene was in need of a green makeover. Well green is the new black and being eco-friendly is in. Logistics company UPS and entertainment mega LiveNation have teamed up to make this a reality. LiveNation has created Carbon CO2 offsets that are placed on tour buses to reduce toxic emissions set off into the air. They have also provided a service where each band may request information on their individual carbon footprint along with ways to improve it. Alongside this initiative, UPS has agreed to use smaller packaging when shipping tickets to concertgoers. This will allow for less paper to be produced annually. The increase in paperless ticketing and online printing options has also contributed to this endeavor.

Don’t be fooled – These efforts are not only coming from large corporations with government pressure to decease their carbon footprint. Everyone is catching on. Local concerts and festivals are doing their part to spread awareness and allow for people to live simply green. Organic and locally grown food is offered at almost every musical event. Several of today’s large festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza even have entire parks dedicated to famer’s market and sustainable clothing. Tours promote the use of carpooling by placing networking tools on their websites.

The diva image of the guitarist smashing instruments and ruining hotel rooms is no longer in style. Many of today’s artists are stepping up to the plate. Many bands such as Dave Matthews Band and The Bare Naked Ladies have requested the use of biodegradable supplies to be used on the road. Several other artists are catching on with the increasing use of 100 percent recyclable cases. Donating millions annually and performing at environmental charity shows allows these musicians to truly make a difference. After all, isn’t that what music is all about?

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Courtney Cummings is a writer, blogger and freelance journalist for several publications. She is currently writing blog content for Ticketmaster’s sister organization, As a student at the University of California – Santa Barbara, Courtney’s double major in political science and philosophy gives her an interesting perspective on her favorite topics, music and culture.

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