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Food Toxins

This is a guest post by Mark Sims of My Eco 2 Life.

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It’s a page for the hard questions. It’s a page with some inconvenient truths (thank you Mr Gore). It’s a page about consequences. As hard as it is to start reading, you may be pleasantly surprised because by the time you’ve finished, the consequences aren’t all bad. Let’s get the uncomfortable news out of the way first.

Poison is poison…

Tipping it down the sink doesn’t alter that and we are more affected than we realise. Recent studies show our children are becoming increasingly sensitive to artificial additives in the environment.

We started adding massive amounts of artificial preservatives, colors and enhancers to our food and cleaning products in the 1970’s. Since then, we have seen more and more symptoms of toxic stress – from personality disorders to physical impairment.

Maybe it’s a co-incidence. We don’t believe it is.

If a product is so toxic we have to wear gloves to protect our skin, how is it possible for us to walk on the floors we use that product on immediately after we use it?

Sadly, because we’re concentrating on the short term – cleaning the floor – we often don’t stop to think of the long-term consequences.

We wouldn’t let our kids play in a chemical factory. But, it seems to us, many cleaning product manufacturers are asking us to do something similar – asking us to bring the chemical factory into our homes.

We believe there is a better way to be clean and hygenic. We don’t believe highly toxic chemicals are the best way to achieve that.

If we put less poisons into our cleaning, we will absorb less in our homes.

Flushing a toilet doesn’t get rid of the toxins, it just takes them some place else. If we put fewer toxins down the toilet, it’s easier for the environment to deal with.

If we can produce cleaning products without producing so much carbon dioxide, our kids will have a cleaner planet.

The good news, it’s all possible with eco2life.

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About Mark Sims

Mark Sims has founded and manages Planet Earth (Worldwide) Limited, and launched the eco2life range of refill and reuse household cleaning products.

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