Think Baby Feeding Set

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Trying to find that perfect gift for someone close expecting a little bundle of joy? Or are you just looking for something for your own child?

Bento box with air tight lid. The container does not leak even with water placed inside it. Great for baby bags or lunch boxes. Baby Bowl – Low profile baby feeding bowl with orange lid. Designed for early feeding. Orange lid will be easy to locate amongst other clear lids commonly found in household drawers… Soup Bowl – High profile baby soup bowl. Perfect for soup or cereal. Also comes with orange lid. Mug – Our line of baby bottles now extends from newborns on up with the new childs mug. Easy to grip fork and spoon. Made from polypropylene with TPR handle. The bento box, baby bowls, and mug are made from food grade stainless steel and then wrapped in polypropylene. Products are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, pvc, and Melamine.

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Available at The Little Seed.

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