Three Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas

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Three Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas

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Choosing to be eco-friendly can carry over into your entire life. One area you may not have considered changing is the way you vacation. You can reduce your carbon imprint and enjoy the beauty of natures with these three fun vacations ideas. Just as you are making the effort tot support the local businesses around you that are adopting greener practices, you can make the effort to support international businesses that are doing the same thing. Whether you are planning an international trip or a local vacation here some ideas you can use to green up your vacation.

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Backpacking Trip

One great way to really connect to the earth and to practice living truly eco-friendly is to take a backpacking trip. Plan to cover about fifty miles over a week or you can go for a longer hike. If you live in the East, you may want to consider hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia up to Maine. As a hiker you get a chance to experience nature, and you will reconnect to nature in a way that you can’t on any other vacation. Additionally you are eco-friendly because you hike everything in and out. You are not polluting while on this vacation, and you get the chance to reflect on the beauty of the world around you. You can plan a shorter hike if you have young children or plan a camping trip as an alternative.

Biking Trip

Another ecofriendly option is to consider planning a bicycle trip. There are some great biking trails along old railway lines throughout the country that make for a good multi-day biking trip. This is an eco friendly option because it allows you to explore the country in a very eco-friendly way. You can plan a trip close to town or rent a bike in a city you have always wanted to explore. San Francisco and San Diego both have great biking trails that you can explore on your trip to the city. When you go on a biking trip you can pack a tent with you or stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts along the trail. You can also bike your own lunch or plan stops along the way. Most of the biking trails have several places you can get on and off the trail along the way.

Eco-Friendly Packages

If you are interested in traveling to more exotic locations around the country you may want to look into booking an eco-friendly vacation package. These packages are available at many of the resorts in the Caribbean or in Hawaii. These packages offer more chances to explore the nature preserves on the islands and to look at the different natural wonders of the area. You can also look for resorts and hotels that employ greener practices when running their hotels. It is nice to know that you are supporting a company that is making the effort to have greener business practices. When you are considering booking for this type of vacation check to make sure that the hotel is green certified through an organization such as Earth Check, Green Key or Green Tourism. These organizations certify that the hotel is using the best possible practices while providing a god vacation spot.

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