Throw a Beer-Tasting Party and Introduce Your Friends to the Great Tastes of Organic Beer

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If you’re looking to host a beer-tasting party, why not offer Organic Beer? Now trying to find a good variety of organic beer might have been a challenge a few years ago, but not anymore. And when you’re looking to buy a few good Organic beers where do you start? That’s really the question, because most of these Ales, Stouts, and Pilsners are not well known. How do you know where to search and what to buy?

A quick and simple way to set up an Organic Beer Tasting is to purchase the 10-pack sampler set from Eco Express. It’s only $31.99 and you’ll soon be sampling some of the finest organic brews from micro-breweries around the United States.

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“There are no beer experts, just beer drinkers with opinions.” – Alström Bros (Beer Advocate)

So now that you’ve bought your beer, how do you get ready for the party? First, store it in the fridge (between 45°F and 55°F) upright. Now you’ll want to take the beers out of the fridge before serving, because you don’t want it too cold or you’ll lose the beer’s true flavors. Typically the higher the alcohol content, the higher the temperature and the lower the alcohol content, the lower the temperature. For the stronger beers and dark ales, try to keep the temperature between 55°F and 60°F. For standard ales and stouts, you’ll want the temperature between 50°F and 55°F. And for the lighter beers and pilsners, the temperature should between 45°F and 50°F.

Now that it’s party time you’ll have to have plenty of glassware, and depending on the number of guests you might need to pull out the wine glasses and anything else you have on hand. Just avoid the plastic and paper cups. Most “beer experts” think you should taste the beers from light to dark, but this theory is flawed. Really you’ll want to try the beers from low alcohol levels to the higher alcohol levels, that way you avoid ruining your palette. To cleanse your palette between beers, you’ll want to have water and bread, crackers or popcorn on hand.

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