Tired of Receiving the Phone Books on Your Doorstep?

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In the past week, I've received two bags of phone books – the exact same two bags from the exact same company. Each bag consists of two phone books. I haven't used a phone book, let alone looked at a phone book – to recycle it, in over 5 years. The idea of so many trees being cut down for something I don't even want to be delivered every year had me slightly irked. I'm sure many of you out there understand my feelings of frustration.

Then I was finally able to get online (been sick for 3 days) and I caught up with my Ideal Bites. Lucky me, one of the e-mails was "Wanna study up on how to stop getting phonebooks?"

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Did you know that about 540 million unsolicited phonebooks will arrive at American doorsteps annually? Thankfully they included ways to opt-out and I thought I'd share them with you. If you're lucky enough to not have received one yet, try YellowPagesGoesGreen to be removed from the list. If you have them sitting in your darkest closest collecting dust, you can find out how to recycle them at Earth911.

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