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Real estate can be defined by two categories; buyers' market and sellers' market. There are times when it's somewhere between, but usually it's pretty black and white. I'm sure you've noticed it's taking longer for home to sell these days, well this has been going on for quite some time. So that would put us in a buyers' market, wouldn't it? There are more homes for sale than buyers buying. 

On the upside, what if you are looking to buy a house? Whether it's your first home or your tenth, are you trying to find that perfect "green" home? It's getting easier than it was last year to find an eco-friendly residence, but it can still pose a challenge. That's why I decided to do the research for you and give you the Top 5 Green Real Estate Resources – Homes for Sale, that is the best places to search for your dream "green" home. 

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1. Eco Broker

This is a great place to start. You'll want to find a certified real estate professional, in your community, who understands your eco friendly goals – green homes, energy efficiency, sustainable design, and an healthier environment. You'll have the ability to search for property listings by the conventional city, state, and features – a formal dining room to wall-to-wall carpeting. There's also an extensive "green feature" search option that allows you to find a LEED Certified home to something more specific like recycled content drywall.

2. Green Homes For Sale

With Eco Broker being the best place to start, because I firmly believe real estate professionals can be helpful with the paperwork and doing the legwork, Green Homes For Sale had to be number 2. But believe me, it was close. Not only can you search for Green Home Plans, I think the extremely user friendly layout will make your search more enjoyable. You can search by the traditional, "I live in California," for example. But why, when you can look through property searches like Green PreFab, Solar Homes, Strawbale Homes, and Off the Grid Homes? Then when you find a house you want more information on, you'll be able to read why they think their home is "green" or "healthy." 

3. Listed Green® Homes

Not even two years old, Listed Green®is a relative newbie when it comes to searching for that "green" home, but it definitely shows promise. The MLS, multiple listing service, exclusively for Green, Sustainable, Energy Efficient Properties around the world. Sellers are free to post their homes for sale on this MLS database, but all listings are personally reviewed to make sure they fit the criteria – green, energy efficient and/or sustainable. In addition to a basic house search, they also feature green housing developments and communities.

4. Green Builder

Dedicated to sustainably built homes, Green Builder is trying to help buyers find what they are looking for – green homes. They realized that most real estate professionals are not up to speed. That's why they are uniquely positioned to connect buyers with sellers. Even though it's listings are not vast, you still have the ability to search various construction methods – from earthship to aerated autoclaved concrete.

5. What Green Home

Now I searched high and low across cyberspace trying to find the best resources to help those looking to buy a sustainable home of their very own. The top 4 are mostly located in the United States. Well, I do live here. So here I was trying to find a number 5, but I couldn't find anything that wasn't for a specific state. That didn't seem fair to the other 49 that didn't get picked. So I ran one last search, one last look in hopes of finding that last resource. On the brink of changing the title to the Top 4 and that's when it literally fell in my search results lap, What Green Home. Of course, it was perfect, what about those looking globally? 

What Green Home provides buyers with eco properties

for sale in 22 countries worldwide – over 70 developments. The easiest way to start searching is to click on your region; Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United Kingdom. From there you can simply scroll at your leisure.

Supporters of One Planet Living (OPL) and their standards, What Green Home has set the bar high for any property hoping to land on their list. So what does this mean to you, the buyer? Wonderful news, a zero-carbon, zero-waste, eco-friendly home with sustainable water, local and sustainable building materials, and sustainable transport. You then know how each home is rated in each of these categories – it meets or exceeds their assessment, it partially meets their assessment, or it doesn't meet their assessment. They do the work for you, and did I mention What Green Home has high standards?


And there you go, have fun in your home search. If this list helps you, post a comment and let me know. If you found a better resource, post it up and let us all know. Happy "green" house hunting.

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