Top Reasons Why Mains Fed Water Coolers are Your Best Bet

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There is always a dilemma between choosing what to buy, a bottled water cooler or a mains fed water cooler. The same may not happen while buying an instant hot water boiler though. But while deciding between a regular bottled water cooler and a mains fed water cooler, several factors comes into play. You must understand that both types of coolers have their individual characteristics and features before making up your mind on which one to buy. Among these features, some unique attributes of mains fed water coolers have helped in making them standout from the crowd of water coolers. Let’s take look at some of these factors one by one.

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Efficient Space Management

If you want to be clever with your space, then a mains fed water cooler is your best bet as bottled water coolers are unsuitable for those who want smart usage of their space. Bottled water coolers not only require more space, but the empty and reserved bottles tend to occupy your important spaces or corners of you room, which otherwise could have been used for more functional and decorative reasons. In case of mains fed water cooler, space is never an issue as they can be attached to the wall near a direct water connection along with an electrical power source.

Money Matters

If you wish to get more out of your money, then mains fed water dispenser is your choice. If you install a mains fed water cooler, it consumes very less electricity as it heats and cools the water only when you so require. However, bottled water coolers consume much more energy compared to mains fed. Even when not in use, bottled water coolers consume energy. In addition, metered water supply used in mains fed coolers costs far less than the amount you have to spend in constantly buying water bottles for the bottled system.

Environmental Friendly

Use of mains fed water coolers, in a way, has environmental benefits as more use of mains fed water coolers leads to lesser use of plastic bottles.

Health and safety

Mains fed water coolers are less prone to water contamination compared to bottled water systems where water could get contaminated during the installation and removal of water bottles from the dispenser. Also, bottles used in bottled water coolers come with an expiry date, which you never have to bother in case of mains fed coolers. Moreover, there is no possibility of lugging heavy bottles or slipping when you use a mains fed water cooler.

Reliable is Lovable

People go for appliances that are reliable and water coolers are no difference. If it comes to reliability, mains fed office water coolers earn more brownie points as they come with long term warranty and after sales service compared to bottled water coolers.

In this fast paced and competitive world where time is money, mains fed water coolers are not just smart buys but also the safe bet and eco-friendly option. Do share if you come across any other benefits of mains fed water coolers.

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