Toshiba to Showcase Earth Friendly Technologies at CES 2009

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Environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient, and innovative technologies will be exhibited by Toshiba America at CES this year. Designed to reduce the environmental footprint of both Toshiba and its customers.


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"At CES this year, Toshiba will again take the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the environment – something we have been dedicated to worldwide for over two decades." – Craig Hershberg, director of environmental affairs at Toshiba America

Some of the products being showcased include the Portégé® R600, an ultraportable Laptop PC, the E-Core LED Downlight, an energy-efficient LED lamp, and a SCiB™ Battery Assisted Bicycle, capable of being recharged to 90 percent in five minutes. It looks like we can expect great things from Toshiba in our near future.

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