Tracks Plaid Blanket: Green

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100% Australian, biodynamic, merino wool – demeter certified KbT, by IVN, Germany. The sheep are bred under biodynamic control. The soaps and spinnings oils used are biodegradable. The wool is not super-washed and no moth repellents are used. The dyes used do not contain heavy metals. The textile is woven, then milled without soap in cold water only. The sewing thread is 100% cotton, the label is 100% polyester, both in Eco-Tex standard 100. Not only is it thoughtfully produced (see above), but its design is delightfully inventive. The Tracks blanket is reversible, and in the rectangles where the pattern disappears on one side, the pattern is revealed on the other. It's soft, it's warm, and it's a blanket you'll use – and cherish – for a very long time.


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