Use Contact Paper to Make Your Own Wall Decals and Update Your Furniture

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Make Your Own Wall Decals

After having moved into a new apartment, my mind began racing will all the ways I can make it more fun and colorful – less white. And then I remembered these fabric wall decals from weeDECOR.

This Octopus Wall Decal is absolutely adorable, but the $24 price tag wasn’t. It’s not much until you want the dolphin, the whale, the sea turtle… you see where I’m going with this. That’s when I began searching the internet for ways to do this myself. There are many clever ways to add decorative wall stickers without destroying the walls so we can get our deposit back. :)

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First, I could have used wallpaper scraps and a little glue. Simply cut the shape I want, mix about 1 tablespoon glue to 1 gallon of water, and paste it to the wall. I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s supposed to work without damaging walls. You can find old, discontinued wallpaper books for free or next to nothing to use for this.

Second, you could head over to and learn how to make fabric wall silhouettes. Using fabric and liquid starch you can really enliven your room.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk my husband into the wallpaper idea. He was worried about the walls. And I didn’t have wallpaper or glue on hand so I didn’t push it. Second, I have fabric from sewing, but no liquid starch. I really was impatient to do this, so that pushed it out.

Finally I just decided to cut some designs into an old roll of contact paper I had. And… it didn’t stick to the walls. :(

My DIY wall to armoire decal inspired by Blik's Blowfish. My DIY wall to armoire decal inspired by Blik's Blowfish.

(Look past the poor lighting in the photos.)

So I had some great stickers and no where to stick them. That’s when I thought I could attach them to an armoire being used for toy storage. It turned out really great since the contact paper looks like wood grain. It almost looks like it’s etched into the armoire. The blue is some felt I spray glued onto the contact paper.

Blik Blowfish wall decal

I was inspired by this great Blowfish design over at Blik Wall Decals. I just couldn’t justify spending $40 on it when I could make it for FREE.

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