Walker ArtCenter Introduces Green Mini-Golf

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I love to see things that are considered outside the box. The 747 Dream House fits into that category. And a Green Mini-Golf followed suit.

What do you think about when you hear “Water Hazard”? Take a look at this.

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Probably not what you were thinking when you heard about the Water Hazard.

Probably not what you’d expect, huh? This is one of the many clever new holes you can find at Walker on the Green, located at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The idea of dangling plastic water bottles was thought of by the Alchemy Architects of St. Paul. Not only offering a more difficult putt, but as they put it “serves as an observation of the less-than-ecological practice of bottling and shipping drinking water.”

Holes were created by various artists as well as students, like Kevin Kane’s class who created a rainwater garden and a hillside of pop-bottle bottoms.

Offering two seven-hold courses that share a final hole, the design layout allows more people to play throughout the day. You can expect to spend about an hour. But hurry, this exhibit will only be in place through September 7, 2008.

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