Want to Give Junk Mailers a Taste of Their Own Medicine?

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Catalogs. Credit card offers. Junk mail. Are you tired of receiving unwanted junk mail in your mailbox? All of that trash that is just going straight into the trash can be depressing when you think of how many trees were cut down to make that trash. (100 million trees are cut down to make paper for junk mail each year.)

Now that the depression sides, what can we do to help save our forests? I think you'll like the recent idea ForestEthics came up with. On November 10th, supporters of the movement to stop junk mail will be returning their junk mail to the worst offender. And the choice is up to the public. Who is the most annoying junk mail offender? You have the choice between Capital One, American Express, Bank of America, Home Depot, Sears/Lands' End, Chase Bank, and Citi. Cast your vote now and start collecting your junk mail. Won't this be fun?

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To stop your junk mail now, there are a few options available to any hater of junk mail. First, head over to OptOutPrescreen.com and request to Opt-Out offers from credit or insurance companies. They also have the option to Opt-In, but who in their right mind wants junk mail? It confused us too. The second step requires some good old fashioned snail mail with hand written letters. (1) You'll want to send a postcard with your name, address and signature to: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512, or you can download the online form here. (2) Mail the National Demographics & Lifestyles, a company that collects information from warranties, at NDL List Order Services, 1621 18th Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202. (3) Mail Publishers Clearinghouse, 101 Channel Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050. (4) Mail Readers Digest, Readers Digest Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570. (5) Mail American Family Publishers, P.O. Box 62000, Tampa, FL 33662.

For more information on how to further reduce your junk mail, visit the National Waste Prevention Coalition, the Consumer Research Institute, and Ecofuture.





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