Watch the Final 3 Designers on HGTV’s Design Star Design a Tumbleweed Tiny House

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In a series first, the finalists must design the interior and exterior of an entire house – tiny house of just 99 square feet. Each finalist must demonstrate ingenious creativity and savvy space-planning skills in order to execute an inspiring home design that is both comfortable and functional. As carpenters from other HGTV and DIY Network shows arrive to help the finalists complete their work, mentor David Bromstad will coach them as they interact with their crew on-camera, just as they would in a real HGTV show.

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Brittany is leading with 2,109 votes (64%) at the Tumbleed House Blog from users. See all three designs and vote here.

Watch a sneak peek.

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  • HGTV Monday Sep 5th @ 9/8 pm c
  • HGTV Tuesday Sep 6th @ 12 am
  • Watch online at Hulu Friday Sep 9th

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