What if all our cities transformed parking lots into parks like Houston, Texas?

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DiscoveryGreen.com – the latest and greatest city project we've run across has been found in Houston, Texas. Only a year ago, this used to be simply a large asphalt parking lot in downtown, but it's been re-envisioned into an urban retreat for city dwellers. The parking lot is still there, but hidden underneath this new park. Houston even replanted a few hundred year old Oak trees to add to the existing century old Oak trees already located there, it's the new centerpiece to DiscoveryGreen.com.


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In addition to the large grass area for pickup games, there's also a playground and water feature for the kids, dog runs, jogging trails, a man-made 1 acre lake and a couple of restaurants, The Grove and The Lakehouse. DiscoveryGreen.com is also home to free yoga, concerts, a recycling program for downtown residents, and a weekly farmers market.



Some of the creative Earth friendly ideas Houston has incorporated includes the man-made lake staying at the right levels by feeding the water caught on the roofs of the solar paneled structures right in. High tech, and highly-efficient restroom fixtures are joined with solar panels, sponsored by BP, in the structures. The Grove's green roof grows herbs and spices and the leftover construction materials for the park are being recycled for use in future projects. Let's hope this idea is copied in many cities. Replace the asphalt for a new green park – what a great idea Houston!


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