When Was Your Mattress Last Cleaned?

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When Was Your Mattress Last Cleaned

This guest post is by Leila El-Dean of Ecophy.

We all know that bedding should be changed regularly and most people will take their duvets to the dry cleaners at least every 6 months, but when it comes to cleaning mattresses most of us simply don’t have a clue where to start. So be honest, when did you last clean your mattress?

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The problem with mattresses is that you can’t shove them in the washing machine or take them round to the nearest dry cleaner, so it can be tempting to just spray on some fabric cleaner and hope for the best, but when you discover just what little horrors are lurking in your mattress you may want to re-think your mattress cleaning methods.

Bed Bugs Bite!

Mattresses provide the ideal habitats for both bed bugs and dust mites which are the little critters responsible for aggravating allergies and eczema and their faeces can cause itching and irritation. Bed bugs live off the dead skin that collects in your mattress and once they start breeding, they can be very hard to get rid of.

Your mattress also collects around half a litre of sweat per night, a gram of dead skin, body oil and other fluids all of which will accumulate to provide the ideal homes for bugs but not such a hygienic sleeping environment for you.

However many shop bought mattress cleaning products contain chemicals that can also aggravate eczema and allergies so how can you sanitise your mattress effectively without resorting to nasty chemical cleaners?

Environmentally Friendly Mattress Cleaning

There are green alternatives to most domestic cleaning equipment and that includes mattress cleaning. Ecophy is an environmentally friendly cleaning company which offers full mattress sanitising that will get rid of odours, dust mites, dead skin, stains etc and the only footprint you’ll be leaving behind will be a water-based one.

Not every mattress is the same as each one is made from different fibres that require different treatments. Each customer also has different needs and whilst domestic customers might require a deep clean that takes around 2-3 hours to dry, a busy B&B or hotel might just need a sanitising session that leaves the bed clean, dry and ready to use.

Dry Cleaning Mattresses

Colourful or silk mattresses will require dry cleaning so that the fabric and colour is preserved. This process is ideal for busy establishments as it is quick, efficient and the beds are ready to use straight away. Whilst it’s not possible to remove some dried in stains, the bed will be completely sanitised and free from odours – the green way.

Steam Cleaning Mattresses

For a deep clean that will remove even the most stubborn of stains then a steam vapour cleaner is hard to beat! This method is highly recommended for domestic situations where the mattress can be left to fully dry before being used again.

So choose a cleaner, greener way to sanitise your mattresses and have a relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep.

Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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About Leila El-Dean

Leila is a blogger for Ecophy, an environmentally friendly cleaning company which performs cleaning in an ethically safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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