Whit McLeod Uses Recycled Wine Barrels to Make Hexagonal Oak Flooring Tiles

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A Northern Californian native with a passion for the Arts and Crafts Movement, Whit McLeod took the barrel ends left behind from their Wine Barrel Folding Chair production to create Hexagonal Oak Flooring Tiles. Specializing in handcrafted furniture made with reclaimed materials, the furniture-making studio is located in the heart of redwood country. The majority of materials used are from recycled oak wine barrels – and in some cases Douglas fir reclaimed from industrial waste. The flooring comes unfinished but tiles are available in a rustic look, with the original burgundy patina or branded side up and an edge detail. So whether you’re looking for the flooring in your living room or want something distinctive in your bar, you have options available.

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“Through my original designs, I feel we capture the heart of the Arts & Crafts Movement while preserving the provenance of the wood in a piece of furniture to be cherished for generations.” — Whit McLeod

McLeod began his career as a wildlife biologist and that adoration for the natural world can be seen in his Arts and Crafts furniture line. With a new eye, the Craftsman style has been transformed. Something beautiful is being added to the world without taking anything away – it’s taking the idea of salvaged materials to heart. Natural resources are not being wasted and landfill waste is kept to a minimum. In fact, everything is done in-house, just like the good old days, so every aspect of construction is being watched. This has gone so far that even the manufacturing process relies on vintage machinery. McLeod retooled the machinery himself and searches through the scrap yards to find copper that he will be able to melt down for tiles used in their tabletops.

“The California Integrated Waste Management Board recognized Whit McLeod Furniture for successful efforts to reduce landfill waste in 1999; and in 2003 California Assembly Member Patty Berg honored Whit with the North Coast Green Entrepreneur Award.”

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