Why Eat Locally Sourced Foods

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Why Eat Locally Sourced Foods

This guest post is by Tanya Harris of www.golower.co.uk/.

We all know that the cheapest way to go for food is your large, run of the mill, corporate-owned grocery store. But have you ever taken a moment to do a bit of research on how good that food is for you? Food that’s packaged for the masses and sold for next to nothing is meant to last a long time. In order for that food to stay as fresh as it does, harmful preservatives are added maintain it for extended periods of time. So when you want fresh, you need to stop looking at the chains and start looking local. Lack of preservatives is just one of the many reasons to buy locally sourced food.

Small Business Support

Locally sourced food comes from small businesses. Usually, these businesses consist of employees that are local to your town. Buying locally grown product supports your local economy. Sure you might pay a premium for the food, but the impact of your money goes a lot farther.

Buy in Bulk

Local farmers are happy to sell their product in bulk at a deep discount. You’ll need to make sure you have the storage capacity to do so, but buying an entire butchered pig can often be much less expensive than buying a one pound package of pork.

All-Natural, Guaranteed

Local farms don’t use the same processing that bulk food providers do. Most animal meat and vegetable goes right from whatever slicing and dicing is necessary to only give you the edible portion right to your local food provider. Preservatives and other elements added to your food to maintain freshness and add “flavor” can sometimes be harmful to your body.

A Whole New Flavor

Have you ever had bacon from a local farmer? The flavor versus packaged bacon is entirely different and will light up your taste buds. In fact, most locally made food is going to taste better since the previously mentioned preservatives are simply non-existent. Keeping the food in its natural state is going make for a delicious meal, regardless of whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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If you have yet to try locally sourced food, consider making this an option for feeding your family. One of the biggest guarantees you’ll find with local farmers is that their animals aren’t subject to any form of cruelty. Fruits and vegetables are often picked by hand, which assures you that you only get the ripest pickings that are available.

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