Why MBA Schools Should Go Green

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Why MBA Schools Should Go Green

This is a guest post by John Sanders of BusinessMBA.org.

Many business and organizations around the world are embracing the green movement. While many people in the mid 1900s weren’t aware of how industry can impact the environment, increased education and globalization have shown the negative effects pollution can have on a global society. While developing nations around the world still engage in pollution, educating the leaders of tomorrow can have a significant impact on future environmentalism. The following guide provides information on why MBA schools should go green.

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Enhancing Education

Schools and secondary education facilities play a critical role in the development of young adults. While many young adults and teenagers can make good decisions on their own, it’s important to provide them the tools to make good decisions. Without information on environmentalism, many young people may not be motivated towards a green lifestyle.

In addition, many future scientists and engineers attend public and private colleges. Sharing green practices with these individuals may spur innovation in green industries.

For example, schools like Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia have several programs that promote renewable resources. By allocating supplies towards research, it’s possible to spur innovation towards clean energy sources. One of the newest advances in green energy technology took place in Georgia Institute of Technology’s nano-tech laboratories. A new type of micro-electric modular machine was developed that can capture solar energy with an efficiency close to plants.

Building Future Leaders

In addition, promoting green technologies and lifestyles can be a great way to install ideas in young adults. Many individuals in an MBA graduate program will become the future leaders of tomorrow. By giving them the tools to promote renewable resources and reduce pollution, it’s possible to create a better planet for everyone.

It’s important to give future business leaders the tools to make good decisions about the environment. While capitalism and modern business provide many of the things that make modern society great, there can be a darker side to capitalism. Many businesses may use practices that can be harmful or dangerous to the environment. While some of these practices may be accidental, many are done to reduce the cost of doing business. By instilling green values in these future leaders, it may be possible to bring businesses towards a greener future.

Creating a Green Campus

Young adults and future leaders are impacted by their learning environment. By embracing green technologies around a campus, it’s possible to instill ideas that will be used by the businesses of tomorrow. For example, the Google learning campus is powered mostly by solar and wind energy. In addition, many of Google’s server farms use recycled grey water from septic systems. Since this water can’t be used for drinking, it’s a great way to recycle water without increasing waste.

Many modern college campuses incorporate some elements of green technology. Many science and engineering schools around the United States have solar and wind power available on campus. In addition, some schools are researching programs to recycle used waste products into methane gas. By harnessing future technologies, colleges can spur innovation in the business leaders of tomorrow.

It’s important to make a positive impact while people are young. While the EPA in the United States works to achieve a green environment, many business practices in developing nations can damage the environment. There are lots of factories and industrial facilities in China that operate outside of a regulatory mechanism. While this may be legal in their countries, pollution in other parts of the world can have an impact everywhere on earth. By giving future leaders the ideas they need to improve society, it’s possible to ensure a green planet.

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