Why Steam Cleaning is Green Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning is Green Cleaning

This guest post is by Leila El-Dean of http://www.ecophy.co.uk.

Steam vapour cleaning is probably the most effective, environmentally friendly and quickest way of cleaning parts of your home that include carpets, bedding and bathrooms. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of using steam cleaning then here are a few good reasons to try it:

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  • Sterilising Steam: Vapour steam cleaners can disinfect and sanitise floors and surfaces as they reach temperatures as high as 150C.
  • No Need to Dry: Because the water is turned instantly to steam, carpets and other surfaces are left clean and dry.
  • Saving Water: Only around 6% of water moisture is used which means there is hardly any water wastage.
  • Green Credentials: As steam is so effective at killing bacteria, no toxic cleaning chemicals are needed which makes it an ideal cleaner for eco-friendly homes and safe for asthmatics, people with allergies, children and pets who might otherwise suffer adverse effects from ordinary cleaning agents.

Steam Cleaning Bedding

Steam vapour can also be used to rid households of pesky dust mites which have been cited as a contributory factor in asthma attacks, eczema and rhinitis. Bedding, mattresses and upholstery such as curtains and blinds can all be steam cleaned leaving them naturally sanitised and providing a healthier sleeping environment for young children and allergy sufferers.

Vaporising Bacteria and Mould

Very often mould removers can require a lot of scrubbing and repeat applications with toxic chemicals that come with their own manufacturer’s warning. Yet steam cleaners have been shown to effectively combat not only mould but other forms of bacteria, leaving your surfaces sterilised and germ-free. It’s a hygienically safe green alternative to pollutant cleaners!

Space Saving

Why have a cupboard full of cleaning agents when a steam cleaner can do the job of all of them? Not only will you be able to reclaim some valuable storage space but you can also save money in the long term as you only need to pay out for one steam clean rather than fork out money on a multitude of cleaning products which are less effective and more labour intensive.

Beware of False Steam Cleaners

Because of its effectiveness, there are some carpet cleaning companies who claim to use steam cleaners however their equipment does not heat the water up to the correct temperature needed to produce water vapour. Instead their carpet cleaners will only use steam which uses much more water and doesn’t produce results that are anywhere near as good as vapour steam cleaners. So when browsing through cleaning companies, make sure that they are offering steam vapour systems.

Green Cleaning Companies

Steam vapour cleaners therefore are the weapons of choice for most environmentally friendly cleaning services. So if you are concerned about the environment and possible health implications of cleaning products then contact your local green cleaning company and ask them about their steam cleaning services for a clean home and a clean conscience!

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About Leila El-Dean

Leila is a blogger for Ecophy, an environmentally friendly cleaning company which performs cleaning in an ethically safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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