Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sabah, Malaysia

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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sabah Malaysia

This post is by Shaiya Ong with the Sabah Guide.

The list of endangered species is growing and those that have gone instinct have also increased. It is sad news for any earth lover, but it is uplifting to learn that there are certain countries that consider the wildlife its ultimate gem; thus taking care of it with the best of its capacity, likeSabah.

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List of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sabah, Malaysia

The following are few areas in Sabah you may consider visiting if you wish to see the wild up close.

Kinabatangan Wildlife

This is one of the few areas in Sabah that is easily accessible to the public. It may only be 26,013 hectares but this tiny community is home to an abundant animals and flora, some of which are endemic to the place. There are approximately 250 bird species, 50 mammal species, 90 fish species, and 1000 plant species. Some of these include the proboscis monkeys that leisurely hang from trees to trees, horn bills that freely fly around the area; kingfishers resting on tree branches as it eye its prey. If you are lucky, you may even have a chance to see the gibbons, the orangutans, the Borneo pygmy elephants, the clouded leopard, Sumatra rhino, and the Malaysian sun bear.

Turtle Island in Selingan

This is an uninhabited island that has been dedicated to the conservation and preservation of turtles, thus the name Turtle Island. It is welcome to visitors but a maximum of 60 visitors are only allowed to enjoy an overnight stay in the island so as not to create unwanted pressure to the habitat of the turtles. During your stay, you are granted the chance to witness female turtles laying their eggs. However, it is strictly important that you follow its rules and regulations.

Mount Kinabalu Park

This is considered the highest mountain inSoutheast Asiaand it has attracted thousands of tourists each year. It is an easy mountain to conquer and will give you a magnificent view of the low peak area. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site since the year 2000 and remains one of the unspoiled paradises here on earth. You will be mesmerized with the beauty of the orchids displaying their elegance on trees and the variety of pitcher plants including the Nepenthes raja, which is endemic in the region. It is also home to the largest, biggest, and heaviest flower in the world, the rafflesia.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Sabah, Malaysia, especially if you are that appreciative of nature. There are other places to explore including Manukan Island. It is fun place to explore together with your kids and a perfect opportunity to commune with the beauty of nature.

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