Window Collisions Account for 100 Million to 1 Billion Bird Fatalities in the US Each Year

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Bird Window Collisions

Every year in America, up to 1 billion birds will not survive colliding with houses and other low-level structures, according to Daniel Klem, a professor at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, his research shows these collisions will occurs any time of day and during any season.

Involving both resident and migrant bird species, there are some tips to help minimize these numbers. The overall long-term solution would be to design a less reflective glass.

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Tip: Hang an old storm-window screen outside the window.

Tip: Using blinds and curtains on windows is extremely effective on high rises after sunset. If you are a homeowner this will only help when the sun is shining directly onto your windows.

Tip: Plant a new tree or shrub in front of a problem window. By creating shade it will be seen more as a solid object.


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