Yoga Twists Benefit Detoxification

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Yoga is highly beneficial in the cleansing of your mind and body. Marichi's Twist is no exception to the detoxification benefits yoga provides as this twist helps stimulate your digestion. 

By gently and smoothly squeezing your abdominal area you are massaging your organs which enhances digestion and elimination. These are key in your body's natural detoxing function. With the simple twisting of your body you are essentially wringing out the toxin buildup in your tissues which further aids your body in detoxifying.

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Yoga Twists Benefit Detoxification

The liver greatly benefits from this simple yoga pose. As it is located under the rib cage on your right side, every time you breathe deeply and twist you are stimulating your liver. The liver is one of the key participants of your body's natural detoxification processes as it filters toxins out of your body. Remember the key is to perform this yoga twist smoothly and gently. Don't jerk or force anything.

As a yoga routine can help your body get rid of environmental toxins and waste products, go ahead and get started today. Help your body cleanse itself and you'll be feeling healthier and more energetic again.

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