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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sabah Malaysia

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Sabah, Malaysia

This post is by Shaiya Ong with the Sabah Guide. The list of endangered species is growing and those that have gone instinct have also increased. It is sad news for any earth lover, but it is uplifting to learn that there are certain countries that consider the wildlife its ultimate gem; thus taking care of […]

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Earth Friendly in Marseille

Let’s go Earth Friendly in Marseille

This guest post is by Shay of Traveling to Marseille is so much fun, but it would be better if you share it with friends who appreciate nature as much as you do. Consider these following places and you will love Mother Earth even more.GARD Pro Not Registered Green Bear As the name implies, […]

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10 Rainforest Facts

10 Rainforest Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Often we think of the rainforest as an abstract idea, far from where we are with little or no link to our daily lives. This is far from the truth, below you will see how deeply you are impacted on a daily basis by the rainforests around the world.  You will see what they do […]

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The Largest Subterranean Chamber in the United States Calls New Mexico’s Carlsbad Cavern Home

Located in the Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns is a combination of hundreds of underground chambers that encompasses 14-acres and is home to 116 of the 300 known caves in the area. The limestone formed these caves when sulfuric acid dissolved them. GARD Pro Not Registered Don't let the steepness of the trail discourage you from […]

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Head Outside After Dark

Three Reasons to Head Outside After Dark and See Nature in a New Light

Nature can take your breath away in the sunny daylight hours, but have you ever thought about what it looks like under the moonlight? Darkness and mystery is not all that can be found after the setting sun and if you want to see something utterly amazing, here are three places you will not want […]

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Grand Canyon Natural Wonder of the World

Seven Natural Wonders of the World to Start Your List of Places to Travel

Thousands of incredible natural wonders are available to travelers all over the world thanks to Mother Nature. Vast canyons, giant mountains and vibrant ocean scenery are found all over the globe. Hopefully you’ll be able to see some of these spectacular sights during your lifetime. And if you’re wondering where to start, try visiting the […]

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Mother Nature is Close to Las Vegas Strip

Mother Nature is Fascinatingly Close to the Las Vegas Strip

Rugged mountains, red rock canyons and cavernous desert valleys offer the locals of Las Vegas dramatic scenery and dozens of outdoor recreational opportunities. The typical weather temperature makes outdoor activity enormously attractive to all outdoor types all year. Mother Nature can’t be outdone by the lights of the Las Vegas strip, so whether you’re a […]

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