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California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

This was written by Richard Orban on behalf of Freedom Solar Power. For the third consecutive year, California has emerged to be the top clean energy state in the United States. The state dominated the 2012 State Clean Energy Index as it continues to lead the country in establishing testing grounds for all kinds of […]

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Vladimir Putin Ultralight

Ultralight Aircraft News: Russian President Flies Ultralight to Encourage Crane Migration

In an effort to help save endangered cranes on their southern migration Russian President Vladimir Putin took flight in an ultralight aircraft early last month. Accompanied by pilot Igor Nikitin in the two-seat trike aircraft the ultralight helped lead a flock of rare White Siberian Cranes to their migration route. Putin wore a white jumpsuit […]

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Uruguay President José Mujica

Translation of Rio +20 Summit Speech by Uruguay President José Mujica

Thank you to Veronica Pamoukaghlian, creator of The Wander Life Blog, for sharing this translation with us.  The following is a translation of the speech given by Uruguay President José Mujica at the Rio +20 Summit on June 20, 2012 in front of representatives of 139 from around the World. GARD Pro Not Registered To all of […]

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Big Bad Corn Infographic

Big Bad Corn

Have you ever thought what corn is really used for in the United States? The U.S. Government began to subsidize corn in the late 1970s in an attempt to replace fossil fuels. However, ethanol from corn is not very efficient for fuel. In fact the ethanol made from corn increases the greenhouse gases when compared […]

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World Tourism Expo 2012 in Assisi Italy

The World Tourism Expo Lands in Assisi, Italy on September 21 to 23

This was written by Shaiya Ong of Italian Airport Guide. Italy holds the position of holding a handful of 47 UNESCO Sites, which includes the Colosseum,Vatican City, Field of Miracles, San Gimigmano, and Villa d’Estate, which makes it the perfect place to host the Third Edition of the World Tourism Expo for the year 2102 […]

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Post-Isaac Precautions

Post-Isaac Precautions

This was written by Felicia Baratz of Eat Breathe Blog. With Hurricane Isaac reduced to scattered pockets of rain petering out in the Midwest, the hard-hit Gulf Coast region is set to begin cleanup duties. Because of the force with which Isaac battered coastal regions, flooding was rampant in New Orleans and surrounding areas, and […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger

Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger Coming Soon

Announced on August 13, 2012, Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. is launching a solar-powered charging case for the popular Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone. Following the successful launch of the EnerPlex for the iPhone 4S Ascent Solar now will have a solar charger for two of the most popular cell phones on the market. Although […]

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Green Lessons from Olympics

Learn Green Lessons from Olympics

This guest post is by Manoj of There are lots of lessons you need to learn from the 2012 London Olympic Games, the first being the lesson of sustainability. The LOCOG has made every attempt to make the Olympic Games completely sustainable. Here is how you can get inspired from the Olympic Games and […]

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La Rochelle France

La Rochelle: A Modern Town of the Future

This guest post is by Shaiya Ong of With over 76,711 residents, La Rochelle, France has been an epitome to many cities. It successfully managed to fuse modernity and ecology together making it one of the models of the modern town of the future. You can immediately sense the eco-consciousness of the city government […]

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Fossil Fuels and Politics

Is It A Lack Of Education Or Do We Really Not Care?

Guest post written by Alex Duthie from Find Energy Savings. When it comes to putting something on the political agenda, our politicians seem to be taking a big risk with renewables. Because as it turns out – Americans are not very well educated when it comes to what all this green stuff means.GARD Pro Not […]

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